internet culture

Design Fashion Collection Inspired by Hashtags and Wi-Fi Symbols

Australian fashion designer House of Cards reflects on our Internet addiction

Technology Documentary Delves Inside Japan’s Secret Creative Online Culture [Video]

'Back streets of the Internet' is a 9-minute film directed by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo’s art director.

Technology Magazine Curates The Best Online Comments Throughout The Internet

The best of the constant stream of online information is highlighted in this print publication.

Advertising McDonalds Big Mac Campaign Appeals To The Internet Generation [Video]

Series of short ads shows the company may have finally figured out the Internet.

Technology How To Create A Viral Meme [Infographic]

Online backup company Mozy looks at the origins of the meme and the monetary payoff of these internet characters.

Work Archiving Musical Artifacts From Early Internet Culture

Internet Archaeology hopes to preserve early Internet culture by converting MIDI files into vinyl.

Advertising An Image-Based Chatroom

A unique online community highlights our evolving ideas of language and communication.

Design 4Chan And The Rethinking Of Art and Aestheticism

A brilliant new commentary suggests we can learn much about the intent and context of art through online social interactions and planning.