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Retail Brand Network Implements Blockchain Platform To Reward Viewers Who Opt In To Ads

Brave's blockchain-based solution connects customers with 250,000 brands partnered with rewards platform TAP Network, offering those who choose to watch private ads tokens for vouchers, hotel stays and more

Shopper Education & Assistance Could Implanted MicroChips Be The Next Evolution In Seamless Consumer Transactions?

Countries like Sweden are already implementing RFID technology, and could represent the next step in optimizing frictionless convenience for all transactions, from using public transportation and accessing social media to paying for goods

Features How Tech Brands Are Empowering Consumers With Personal Data Autonomy

As consumers become more cognizant of how their personal information is used online, brands implement new standards for secure collection and management of user data

Technology Apple's Latest Safari Upgrades Cater To Users Looking To Curb Ad-Tracking

Apple's updates include cookie warnings and a push back against device fingerprinting, helping protect users' data and giving them more control over who can access their information

Syndicated Teens Are Trading In Facebook For Platforms Like Snapchat And Instagram

The exodus began in 2015, aligned with the rise of YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat

Samsung's UK Mobile Chief Thinks Phones Should Be Our 'Slaves, Not Masters'

The company believes a shift to a more connected and ‘concierge-like’ experience is needed to combat our smartphone-obsessed society

Advertising Domino's Dom Juan Helped U.K. Tinder Users Pick Up Valentine's Dates

By swiping right on Dom Juan, users got a string of cheesy pick-up lines to try on Valentine's Day

Advertising Google Built A Tool To Stop Annoying Ads From Following You Around The Internet

New settings will allow users to hide reminder ads on a case-by-case basis, giving more control over muted advertisements across devices

Design This Device Will Let You Smell A Potential Data Breach

An artist created a device that will emit a warning scent to alert users when their data is at risk

Work Slack Will Now Help Workers Find The Right Team Members For Their Questions

The team chat platform lets people look up the best coworkers to talk to on specific subjects

Fashion & Apparel First Braille Watch Lets The Visually Impaired Receive Text Messages

The wrist device was designed to make phones more accessible for the blind without relying on sound

Syndicated Biometric Recognition At Airports Could Raise Serious Privacy Concerns

The plan would involve 90% of passengers being processed through Australian immigration without human involvement

Technology Guardian U.S. Ad Campaign Highlights Explosive Societal Issues

'VoiceYourView' presents opposing viewpoints of political issues in illustrations that can be flipped upside down.

Technology Secure.Me Ensures Facebook Apps Aren't Encroaching On Your Privacy

The site's 'App Advisor' shields consumers from apps linked to their social profiles that can unknowingly track data like location and behavior.