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Technology Unsecured Webcams Used As An Artistic Medium

An artist has created an entire project around peeking into the lives of oblivious strangers

Technology Fake Passwords Send Alerts When Hackers Try To Access Accounts

Get notified when someone breaches your account with this new security measure.

Technology Filter Google Search To Eliminate 'Bad' Results Of Yourself

Norton’s new tool ‘Top Search’ lets anyone change the high ranked search result for themselves for free and link it to a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, personal blog, etc.

Advertising Twitter Prevents Underage Users From Following 'Adult' Brands With Age Screening [Headlines]

To follow alcohol brands, users will now have to verify their age through direct message.

Home Anti-WiFi Wallpaper Prevents People From Stealing Your Signal

Available to consumers in 2012, the wallpaper uses silver particles to filter out frequencies, at the cost of the average mid-range wallpaper.

Technology Facial Recognition Software & Social Media Sites Increase Privacy Risk

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University demonstrate how easy it is to invade someone's privacy using new technologies.

Technology Sign-In Easily With Mozilla's New BrowserID

An open source experiment from the browser king offers a safer and easier way to sign in to websites.

Technology Cyberfear 2011: What To (Virtually) Watch Out For

McAfee have outlined what they believe are the biggest online security threats in 2011.

Advertising The Evolution Of The Internet

What questions and opportunities will shape the future of the web?

Advertising 7 Keys To Reboot The Internet

Seven people have been chosen to protect the Internet should the world fall victim to cyber-terrorism.