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Advertising 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

LOLcats come to TV, Nike drops Lance Armstrong and new taxi-hailing app fails after only 6 weeks...Links to start your day with.

Technology Why StumbleUpon Drives Over 50% Of All Social Media Traffic [Infographic]

The social media site shows why it's the leader in driving traffic referrals with a diagram about links and page views.

Video Video Will Account For 90% Of Net Traffic In Three Years [Headlines]

Cisco's VP for Marketing and Emerging Technologies predicts the future of online video.

Technology Cisco Predicts Wi-Fi Will Exceed Wired Traffic By 2015

Cisco releases its networking forecast for 2010-2015, stating a major increase in Internet traffic from wireless devices.

Technology Netflix Is The Main Source Of Internet Traffic In North America

According to a new report by Sandvine, it's video streaming is the largest single source of peak downstream traffic.