Design Transform a Magazine Into a Poncho

A magazine issue spotlighting objects with multiple purposes is a portmanteau itself

Technology Sony's IoT Kit Facilitates Connected Mini-Inventions In Minutes

MESH Canvas lets users invent smart projects via a visual design app and functional tags

Advertising Walmart Launches Web Series To Highlight Products By American Entrepreneurs

The brand's cross-country contest asks makers to pitch their products to be featured in the store.

Design 3D-Printing Project Recreates Old Patents [Pics]

Martin Galese takes old inventions from the official design archives and converts the diagrams into files that can be easily reproduced.

Home Father-Son Team Look To Quirky For Help With Invention

Owen Nannarone's Interactive Golf Tee is a great example of how the platform is helping aspiring inventors turn their ideas into reality.

Advertising 8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twitter worth $10B, HBO on Apple TV and Amazon gains Downton Abbey streaming rights...links to start your day with.

Retail Transforming Mundane Technology Into Interesting Objects - Dhani Sutanto, Artist [Video]

The artist and freelance Art Director, takes drab, cumbersome technology and makes them into personal, useful pieces.

Home DIY Design Gurus Team Up For Competition To Create iPhone 5 Accessories

Quirky And Fab have organized a round-the-clock, crouwdsourced event where anyone can submit an idea for a complement to the new Apple tech that will be evaluated, developed and available to order soon online.

Innovation frog: What Is The Hidden Potential In Simple Functionality?

When imagining the future of gadget design, taking basic functions a step further could be the most productive path.

Gaming & Play Taiwanese Scientists Invent Invisible Key

Using motion-detection technology, this lock can be opened using hand gestures.

Advertising Bacardi "Inventions" Ad Brings People Together [Video]

New TV ad campaign for the brand focuses on the things that bring people together.

Innovation The Secret To Innovation

Author Steven Johnson on why open models of idea exchange are the best way to develop and spread new concepts.