Automotive In-Store Drones Can Monitor Correct Shelf Stocking And Customer Activity

The robotic devices, created by Pensa, ensure that shelves stay stocked and items are where they are intended to be, offering manufacturers and retailers a less expensive way to monitor inventory as well as customer activity

Brand Activation & Immersion Gap Inc. Reveals The (Unsexy) Technology That Will Help Drive Business In 2019

James Thordsen, senior director of product management for the apparel retailer, spoke with PSFK on how perks like a Denim Gallery and a In Stock On Shelf app will ease and enhance the shopper experience in meaningful ways

Consumer Goods Department Store Uses RFID Tech To Better Track Inventory

Myer is using RFID to enhance its inventory transparency and accuracy as online sales continue to soar and consistency with in-store stock becomes imperative

Delivery & Logistics Brick And Mortar Bookstores Partner With For Ecommerce Support

Rather than trying to put smaller bookstores out of business, is helping them with stock replenishment and logistics

Fashion & Apparel Google Search Integration Helps Online Shoppers Find Merch In Nearby Shops

The partnership enables online shoppers to view available inventory in nearby stores, placing distance, price and availability of items in Google Search results, and is intended to support local businesses

Merchandising & Curation Machine-Learning Robot Simplifies Retailers' Inventory Audits

Simbe Robotics added new capabilities like RFID scanning to its retail robot to make the audit process faster and more thorough, collecting inventory data and even tracking popular customer paths

Loyalty & Membership H&M Digs Into Big Data From Returns And Receipts To Boost Store Sales

Location-specific information from receipts, returns and loyalty cards will help the retailer provide an increasingly targeted product selection

Home This Company Is Making Same-Day Furniture Delivery Dreams Come True

Detroit-based startup Floyd offers same-day delivery on select home furnishing purchases

Retail Fleets Of Drones Could Soon Track Warehouse Inventory

MIT researchers created a system of drones to fly around a warehouse and use RFID to catalogue its inventory for workers

Food & Beverage Robotic Pizza Delivery Van Will Cook A Pizza On The Way To Your Door

Zume Pizza's employees consist of both robots and humans

Retail Voice-Activated Wearable Could Improve Communication At 70 Stores

The Container Store is betting on a new device to help employees talk with each other and deliver relevant information to customers

Technology These Voice-Controlled Wearables Make Store Employees More Efficient

The Container Store has ditched walkie-talkies and opted for a new line of devices to streamline in-store operations