Children DIY Kit Teaches Kids The Fundamentals Of Privacy

LittleBits has created a new set of tools that helps creative minds build contraptions to guard their rooms

Innovation Pernod Ricard Runs $1Million Startup Venture

The Venture exists to inspire and support businesses that generate profit and positive change

Design How Mobile Devices Can Inspire Consumers To Lead Healthier Lives [PSFK CONFERENCE SF]

PSFK talks to Jason Oberfest about his vision for turning smartphones into a primary channel for care and an inspiration for improving personal health.

Technology Investors Sue Facebook Over IPO, Banks Investigated [Headlines]

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan reportedly shared reduced revenue forecasts with big investors, but not the general public, before the company went public on Friday.

Advertising Which Startup Will Be The Next Instagram?

If you could only invest in one startup, where would you place your bets?

Luxury The Guardian Says P2P Lending Is A Good Investment [Headlines]

The UK newspaper has given the stamp of approval to peer loans as a safe as well as lucrative investment.

Innovation LinkedIn Co-Founder To Help Lead 'Silicon Valley Comes To The UK' [Headlines

This is the fourth year in a row for the four day conference which will bring together a diverse and intelligent group to catalyze growth for UK start-ups.

Design A New Micro-Colony For Detroit

The experimental Loveland project has grown, with the addition of a second plot of land.

Work Seth Godin: Hope And The Magic Lottery

Entrepreneurial hope is essential. It gets us over the hump and through the dip. There's a variety of this hope, though, that's far more damaging than helpful.

Retail Sponsume: Crowdsourced Project Funding With Benefits

Sponsume is an online platform where anyone can promote and try to get funding for a project in return for offering rewards and discounts for backers.