Design Harry Potters Invisibility Cloak

Researchers at Duke University have gotten us one step closer to true magic.

Technology New Heat Imaging Technology Makes Tanks Invisible

Adaptiv will be able to read a tank's immediate surroundings and mask it in different heat signatures.

Design Invisibility Without Metamaterials

Researchers have found ways to make objects invisible using a crystal called calcite.

Innovation E-Ink To Make Tank Armor ‘Invisible’

Scientists from BAE Systems, a British defense firm, are working on a new tank shell that uses electronic ink and a series of sensors to project the surrounding environment onto the shell of the tank.

Advertising How To Disappear At Sea

An underwater chasm designed for those seeking temporary disappearance.

Design Scientists Create A New Metamaterial

A new lab-created substance reflects almost no light, making it possibly the darkest material ever.