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Hotels, Hospitality & Travel StubHub Is Using AR To Guide Super Bowl Fans To Their Seats

The ticket selling service is using augmented reality to help attendees get a grasp on the city and stadium before going to the game

Microsoft's New Software Helps The Colorblind Distinguish Colors

The Color Binoculars app augments hues to bring a new perception for difficult combinations

Fashion & Apparel Explore A New City With These Vibrating Shoes

Made with built-in sensors, these smart shoes will show you the way without consulting a map

Design Your Phone Wallpaper Can Be a Satellite Image of Our Planet's Most Vibrant Places

WLPPR offers stunning images you can use as the background for your mobile, sourced from NASA, the European Space Agency, and Yandex

Technology Licensed Therapists Help Rescue Your Relationship Using Chat

Talkspace lets couples seek professional help with "unlimited messaging therapy"

Technology Messaging App Lets You Text On Locked Screen Mode

ScreenPop socializes the untapped screen real estate for Snapchat-like communication

Editors Pick Befriend Like-Minded Strangers Offline in the Connected World

Impromptu connections are behind new social networks that live beyond the cyberspace

Retail Tinder for Sneakers is Kicks-Only Marketplace

Slang is a sneaker-only marketplace primed for mobile devices and in-the-know buyers/sellers

Design Lo-Fi Video Postcards are Texting-Voicemail Cocktails

Could everyone in the world become a vlogger with colorful and grib-based Pop?

Design Surface-Hugging Camera Moves in for the Selfie Stick Kill

Podo is the world’s first 'stick and shoot,' app-controlled camera

Technology Compare Local Forecasts Against Weather Station Reports

Climendo App puts 10,000 weather observation stations at the palm of your hand

Work iOS Heart Rate Monitor Helps You Cull Stress-Inducing Relationships

The Pplkpr app uses biometric feedback to gauge users' physical responses to the people in their life

Work Weed Out Toxic Relationships with iOS-Connected Heart Rate Monitor

The Pplkpr app uses biometric feedback to gauge users' physical responses to the people in their life

Home Learn How to Bring Your Own Action Figure Designs to Life with a 3D Printer

Easily design, customize and make action figures that can take on a wide array of dynamic poses with any 3D printer