iPhone 4S

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Advertising John Malkovich Shares His Heart-To-Heart Talks With Siri [Video]

The actor stars in two new 30-second ads for the Apple iPhone 4S, getting philosophical with Siri about life and asking for a joke.

Technology Siri Doubles Data Usage Bills For iPhone 4S Users [Headlines]

The iPhone 4S uses twice the amount of mobile data than the iPhone 4, and three times as much as the 3G.

Technology Santa Gets Help From Siri In Apple's Christmas Ad [Video]

He uses the iPhone 4S voice-controlled assistant to make his present deliveries easier.

Gaming & Play Piers Fawkes: Siri's Not Working

The quality of new voice recognition service is more akin to a Google product than innovation you'd expect from Apple.

Retail iPhone 4S Bounces Sales At Apple [Headline]

iPhone 4S accounted for 42.8 per cent of all mobile phone sales in October.

Video New Samsung Galaxy S2 Commercial Takes A Stab At iPhone Fans

The mobile tech brand sends a cunning and bold message against the biggest name in the smartphone game with their new campaign.

Innovation Siri, Meet Your Talking Tech Ancestor, The Furby [Video]

In a lighthearted take on cross-generational communication, the late-90's talking toy meets the advanced iPhone assistant. Will they get along?

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Design Apple's Siri Assistant As Hal Inspired Peripheral

Apple iPhone hack mimics Stanley Kubrick's deadly computer.

Video Take A 360 Degree Video With Your iPhone

Capture a panoramic video at a concert, sporting event, or anywhere else ... all on your mobile device.