iPhone App

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Automated Trigger Reminds You When To Sell Stocks

The goal of this app is to make investing simpler for the average consumer

Technology Swipe Right for a Supportive Network of Women

An app that's not about on dating and hookups, but female friendship

LED Lights and Gestures Will Turn You Into an Expert Pianist

Keys offers unique learning for beginners, giving them an integrated take on the musical keyboard

Home Click Your Heels Three Times to Hail an Uber with ‘Dorothy’

Connected shoe clip device lets you tap your feet together to trigger specific phone actions

Design Wearable Video Game Creates A Worldwide Food Fight [Video]

Mind Pirate has released a game on iPhone and Google Glass that lets people from all over the world play together.

Technology Vanishing Message App Keeps Sensitive Emails Off-The-Record

An off-the-record service that guarantees professionals peace of mind.

Work iPhone-Only Magazine Showcases Next Generation Of Photographers

FLTR is a weekly app-published magazine that lets amateur smartphone artists show off their work.

Innovation Sensors Turn Any Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle [CES 2014]

Valeo’s automotive technology and smartphone app allow you to park a driverless vehicle with the touch of a button.

Technology Yahoo Curates Breaking News Bites For Overwhelmed Internet Audience [CES 2014]

Yahoo is delivering short, impactful news stories to its app users.

Gaming & Play Game Lets Players Indulge In Innocent Pickpocketing

The app takes advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy for passive gameplay.

Design iPhone Camera Turns Device Into A Theremin [Video]

Sensors on smartphones translate motions into musical signals.

Design Modular Espresso Machine Is Designed To Be Hacked [Video]

Signature espressos can be created that are user-specific, and just outright delectable.

Technology Urban Planning Tool Empowers Locals To Improve Their City's Walkability [Video]

New app that lets you crop buildings, plant flowers, and erase highways in real-time.

Gaming & Play iPhone Case Is A Mini Connect Four Game Board [Video]

Flipcase uses the iPhone 5C and its official case to recreate the childhood game.