Advertising How BBC Is Looking To Podcasts To Engage New Audiences

PSFK had a chance to talk to Acast and BBC about using podcasts as a new revenue source for journalistic endeavors

Fashion & Apparel Zara Shoppers Can Now Buy Through An AR App

Customers can point their phones at designated spots in-store and online to activate augmented reality views of models sporting Zara products, and click through to buy

Children Augmented Reality Teddy Bear Teaches Kids About Being A Doctor

Seedling wants children to get involved with AR with the creation of teddy bear named Parker

Fitness & Sport PurpleList Podcast Episode 20: Sole Searching In The Age Of The Smartphone

We spoke with Ron about creating ephemeral communities in a world where Nikes aren’t just shoes anymore, they’re status symbols—like a Rolex, for your feet

Design PurpleList Podcast Episode 2: IFTTT Is The Digital Glue For Your Devices

We sat down with IFTTT founder Linden Tibbets to discuss how IFTTT aims to enable smart home devices to feel rooted in a corpus of seamless, shared experiences

Entertainment PSFK Launches A Podcast!

Welcome to the PurpleList—a podcast where we talk to pioneers in retail, advertising, design and beyond

Design Use Your Phone Like A Kodak Disposable Camera

iPhone users can download Gudak and take pictures as though their device were an old-school disposable camera

Food & Beverage PurpleList Podcast Episode 10: What The Supermarket Could Look Like in 2065

Studio Industries founder Mike Lee teleported us in a time machine to 2065 to show us his predictions on what the future supermarket will look like

Design App Turns Your Photos And Videos Into Illustrated Art

Olli shows photographers how their shots will look as animated comics and paintings

Advertising Augmented Reality Shows What Would Happen If The World's Ice Melts

Justin Guariglia wanted to provide a visual for people to fully grasp the reality of climate change and how it could affect them if all the ice melted right now

Design iTunes' 20,000-Word Terms And Conditions Turned Into A Satirical Graphic Novel

Comic artist Robert Sikoryak managed to make the dense text not only readable, but also immensely enjoyable

Children Storytelling Application Lets Children Create 3D Puppet Shows

Google's new app lets anyone create their own show using 3D characters and background

Entertainment Apple's New Reality Show Developed For App Creators

Casting calls are now open for Planet of the Apps, a new series that will offer marketing and funding to hopeful developers

Technology Easiest Way to Find Movies on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and HBO

Leanflix is a filtering tool for the binge-watching generation to ensure people get the most out of online viewing