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Home Disney To Create Avatar Land Complete With Giant Bioluminescent Plants

First photos from the upcoming Florida attraction give Avatar fans a taste of what to expect in 2017

Advertising James Cameron Is Bringing 3D To China

Oscar-winning director announces joint 3D venture between his new firm CPG China Division and two local Chinese companies.

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Why we need to think about colonizing space as we run out of room and resources on Earth.

Technology Google Founders Team Up With James Cameron For Asteroid Mining Mission [Headlines]

Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and the Explorer/Filmmaker back a project that aims to extract valuable resources from space.

Technology James Cameron Completes The Deepest Sea Voyage On Record [Headlines]

The famous director is has successfully broken a world record for most miles travelled down under the sea.

Can Documentaries Save The World? [Headlines]

These films may bring issues to our attention, but just how effective are they?

Gaming & Play Avatar-Like Out-Of-Body Reality A Step Closer

Swiss researchers have achieved success in projecting human consciousness into a digital avatar.

Technology Virtual Hangover: Avatar's Perfect World Is Causing Depression

The spectacular virtual world featured in the hit movie "Avatar" is causing a kind of withdrawal for fans.