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Advertising PSFK 2017 Update: Speakers Focus On Meaningful Work

Keynote speakers at PSFK's annual conference discuss innovation with purpose in fields as diverse as global addressing, fitness and biotech

Advertising The Field Study Handbook Is A Guide Book For Marketers Selling Abroad

Jan Chipchase created a how-to guide for businesses looking to sell a new product in a cultures they're unfamiliar with

Design What A Mundane Object Can Teach Us About China's Digital Culture

Field researcher Jan Chipchase develops an experiment that test China's online services that centers around the country's ubiquitous red welcome mats.

Innovation frog: What Are The Ethics Of Research For Corporate Gain?

Jan Chipchase shares his thoughts about what it's like to work for some of the largest corporations in the world and how he stays objective.

Design Car Color Trends In China [Headlines]

Futurist Jan Chipchase says that Chinese car culture is still relatively immature - and customisation tends to be more of a "blunt stick."

Technology (Pic) The Hand Pause

Jan Chipcase makes a keen observation about human-technology interactions.

Advertising Indian Farmers Use SMS to Turn Irrigation Pumps On & Off

The 'Nano Ganesh' is an ingenious GSM Mobile-based system that transforms a mobile phone into a 'remote control' for rural farmers.

Work The Importance of Listening & Humility In Research

Peep would like to thank Jan Chipchase for his inspiring talk at last week’s Good Ideas Salon. We certainly left impressed and inspired. Who else could cohesively tie together loan sharks, shanty towns, KFC and graffiti – to name just a few of our favorite examples from Jan’s presentation.

Innovation 10 Big Ideas From Jan Chipchase

At our recent Good Ideas Salon, Jan Chipchase explored numerous insights gathered from his extensive travels around the globe.

Innovation (Pics) Good Ideas Salon with Jan Chipchase

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Good Ideas Salon with Jan Chipchase last Thursday. Below are a gallery of photos from the event by Dave Pinter.

Luxury PSFK presents Good Ideas Salon with Jan Chipchase on October 1

PSFK's next Good Ideas Salon in New York will be on October 1 with Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase. Chipchase will present his thoughts on 'Pattern Recognition' at the salon followed by a Q&A with the audience.