japanese design

Design Chair Transforms Into A Hard Hat For Earthquake Protection

Japanese designer creates a way to stay safe in the office during an earthquake.

Design Robot Suit Turns Kids Into Transformers [Video]

Sakakibara Kikai’s 'Kid's Walker Cyclops' is 7 feet tall, weighs 800 pounds and is controlled by handles in the cockpit.

Technology LED Table Lamp Wirelessly Charges Devices

Japanese company Konica Minolta has introduced a light with a built-in induction charging pad support the Qi wireless charging standard.

Design Pop-Up Aquariums Look Like Plastic Bags Of Fish [Pics]

Japanese aquarium creator Hidetomo Kimura produced a number of unique and decorative designs for an art exhibition.

Technology Smart Trashcan Anticipates Where You’ll Throw Trash, Moves To Retrieve It [Video]

The concept gadget has a motorized wheel base and uses a Kinect to track the trajectory of what is thrown so it can catch it.

Home Leaf-Shaped Thermometer Changes Color With Temperature

Hideyuki Kumagai's design is made of paper that turns green if it's warm, yellow if it's hot, and brown if it's cold.

Design Japanese Apartment Complex Designed Just For Bikers

A rental apartment complex in Japan has been built specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Technology Laser Cut Sushi Seaweed Highlights Traditional Japanese Design [Pics]

I&S BBDO Tokyo create patterned nori (seaweed) for Umino Seaweed, to help boost revenue after the Japanese tsunami.

Home Traditional Japanese Lacquerware Inspires Reusable Noodle Packaging [Pics]

Nendo designed a souvenir product for the Cup Noodle Museum in Japan.

Retail Miniature Air-Circulator Fan Has Duct Shaped Like An Elephant's Trunk

This unique fan-less design lets you adjust the direction and angle of the cool breeze.

Innovation CScout Japan: Good Design Award 2011

The best Japanese design from toys to tools.