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Brand Activation & Immersion JC Penney's Private Label Brand Targets Socially Connected Moms

Hoping to tap the popularity of 'mommy bloggers' this holiday season, the department store is using influencer partnerships and shoppable social media functions to promote a family-friendly private label targeted towards moms on Instagram

Beauty How Brands Like JC Penney Are Creating Customized Shopping Experiences For Men

Whether its apparel or health services companies, brands are using their relevant data findings to create personal relationships with consumers

Cinematic Tech Shifts The Story As You Change Your Perspective

A new campaign lets viewers turn their mobile devices from portrait to landscape and vice versa to 'see the bigger picture'

Advertising JC Penney Introduces New Pricing Structure [Headlines]

The retailer ditches three-tiered pricing strategy for two-tiered and price-match guarantees.

Design JC Penney ‘Genius Bar’ Experts Give Home Style Advice [Future Of Retail]

Martha Stewart 'mini-stores' within the department stores will come with well-versed DIY consultants.

Home Trend: Shopper Coaching [Future Of Retail]

PSFK’s latest Future Of Retail report helps answer how retailers are helping customers with the theme 'teach me how to use this.'

Retail JC Penny Father's Day Ads Feature Two Dads [Headlines]

The retailer is countering anti-gay critics with a new campaign supporting a more inclusive idea of the 'modern family.'

Luxury What Is The Future Of Same Sex Advertising?

How will brands target LGBT consumers as the social topic of same sex marriage heats up?

Gaming & Play JC Penney Battles Price Wars By Getting Rid Of Sales

The department store introduces an "everyday" value system that will have more consistent deals, and less highs and lows.