Jeremy scott

Design Smart Permits Fashion Designer To Alter Vehicle's Body, Adds Huge Glowing Wings

The limited-edition 'forjeremy' is the result of a new approach to auto and fashion industry collaborations.

Design Jeremy Scott Designs Teddy Bear Sneakers For adidas

After designing the ‘slave shoes’ for the sports brand, Scott follows up with psychedelic high-tops, pants, and a t-shirt featuring plush bears.

Innovation See All The Gadgets Featured In The Dark Knight In This Clip [Headlines]

A fan compiles all of the vigilante's 'toys' from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Retail Adidas Cancels Production On ‘Slavery’ Shoe [Headlines]

Designer Jeremy Scott asserts that his inspiration for the JS Roundhouse Mid, a pair of hi-top sneakers sporting a golden shackle and chain, came from a plush toy called My Pet Monster.

Advertising Behance: A Sommelier's Dream, A Pinata Boxing Ring And More Creative Inspiration

In this week's column from the Behance Network we see the projects that are both made by and inspiring today's young creative professionals.

Retail adidas Makes A Pair Of Cowboy Boots [Pics]

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott creates some interesting and quirky new sneakers for the sports brand.

Work California Freedom Meets British Cool: Q&A With Ben Taverniti Of Hudson Jeans

PSFK talks to the head designer about design, fashion and inspiration.

Luxury Jeremy Scott Collaboration Explores The Lost World Of Luxurious Ocean Liner Travel

In a new exhibition and fashion collaboration between Lalique, Jeremy Scott and the SS Normandie, visitors will be able to get a glimpse into the long lost world of luxurious ocean liner travel.