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Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Timeshifter App Helps Travelers Avoid Jet Lag And Enjoy Their Trip

The mobile application is bringing its jet-lag fighting software to the masses with a new program that makes personalized plans based on users' circadian rhythms, helping bust jet-lag myths and allowing people to travel better

Design Light Is Being Leveraged To Cure The Effects Of Jet Lag

Jeggo is a light and sound device meant to help travelers adjust to their new time zone faster and easier

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How the Travel Industry is Trying to Eradicate Jet Lag

Two companies are learning from cutting-edge sleep science in the battle against sleep-deprived travel

Luxury Board a Plane That Can Prevent Jet Lag and Carbon Emissions

The A350 WXB has features that ease jet lag and environmental impact

Innovation Light Therapy Glasses Can Cure Seasonal Affective Disorder

The device shines fake sunlight into the wearer's peripheral vision to help eliminate blues associated with lack of Vitamin D.

Luxury 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

iPad minis instead of in-flight entertainment, Norway get Tesla Superchargers and the Zappos revival of Las Vegas.

Advertising Yawn-Activated Coffee Machine Perks Up Weary Travelers [Video]

Douwe Egberts offers airport-goers a free cup of joe using facial recognition technology.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Abu Dhabi Airport Offers Sleeping Pods To Weary Travelers

The International Airport has had ten Finnish-designed GoSleep pods installed for its customers to use.

Design Delta Demos Light Shower That Cures Jet Lag

The airline is showing off a concept shower at TED that recreates the effects of sunlight to help people recover from a long flight.

Technology Light-Weight Glasses Cure Jet Lag

Re-Timer spectacles emit light to reset the body's internal clock to advance or delay sleeping patterns.