Fashion & Apparel Wellness-Focused Jewelry Brand Takes DTC Approach To Better Connect With Customers

After building a customer base by partnering with numerous retailers, Alex and Ani will be opening its own retail stores and increasing its campaign messaging to build engagement and drive sales

Brand Activation & Immersion Cartier's Concept 'Garage' Takes Visitors Inside The Making Of Its Latest Wares

The Precious Garage showcases the newest additions to the Parisian brand’s iconic Juste un Clou and Écrou de Cartier collections, giving visitors an inside peak into the creation process

Luxury Jeweler Reinvents The Diamond-Buying Experience For Modern Consumers

In an effort to make the traditionally intimidating process of buying jewelry as hassle-free as possible, Vashi allows its clientele to freely browse its products as well as includes them in the production process, providing elevated customization

Delivery & Logistics Tiffany & Co's Offsite Design Workshop Will Speed Up The Brand's New Launches

The jewelry brand is aiming to streamline its production process to be ready when consumer demand arises, responding to needs for speed and efficiency while also enhancing the company's design innovations

Fashion & Apparel DIY Smart Jewelry Kit Allows Designers To Experiment With Fashion Tech

Totwoo and Anina Net partnered on a kit that gives designers the components to create their own LED jewelry pieces at affordable prices, breaking down a barrier to entry

Retail DTC Jewelry Company Uses Instagram To Sell Diamonds

The Clear Cut, a diamond "concierge service," connects with its millennial customers over Instagram and text

Retail Festival-Goers Can Buy Designer Jewelry From A Volkswagen Bus

Alexis Bittar's gold-plated VW camper is making the rounds at this year's Coachella festival with a capsule collection of jewelry

Advertising Tiffany's Campaign Lets Shoppers Declare Everlasting Love With Tattoos

The jewelry retailer is promoting Valentine's Day shopping with an interactive tattoo design tool

Design Gold Jewelry Is Upcycled From Old Dell Computers

A collaboration between Dell and Nikki Reed gives new life to discarded computer parts

Design 3D-Printed Jewelry Line Is Designed To Go With LEGOs

Paris-based hintlab sells rings and earrings you can customize with LEGO bricks

Merchandising & Curation Why Personalization Is The Word Of The Moment

In a world of mass-market goods and social media scrolling, personalization has more power than ever

Advertising Tiffany Released A Line Of Everyday Objects, Including A $1,000 Tin Can

A new line of luxurious takes on commonplace items was created by Tiffany & Co.

Design Design System Lets Anyone Shape Their Own Custom Jewelry

Hexatope lets people manipulate a hexagonal grid to create their own unique pieces

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Mastercard Wants People To Be Able To Shop In Virtual Reality

An app will allow customers to browse the Swarovski crystal collection in VR and pay for their products using Masterpass