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How Wikipedia's Founder Is Leading The Fight Against Fake News

Wikitribune is build upon the idea that fact checking is now more important than ever

Home Wikipedia Founder Attacks UK Government's 'Snooper's Charter'

Jimmy Wales says the plan to track all text, internet, and email use is 'technologically incompetent' and his site will encrypt all British connections if implemented.

Technology Wikipedia Founder Launches Campaign Against Extradition Of British Student [Headlines]

Richard O'Dwyer created TVShack.net, which linked to sites to watch TV and movies. Although he's lived in the UK his entire life, he faces 10 years in prison in the US.

Home New Social Network Uses Kindness As Its Currency, Encourages Giving

Actress / activist Lily Cole has been working with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to create a new kind of social network, one built on reciprocity.

Innovation The Guardian Selects Their Top 20 Internet Freedom Fighters

From politicians and professors to computer scientists and the first programmer, these are the champions of the open internet.

Technology British Government Enlists Wikipedia Founder To Crowdsource Policy Making [Headlines]

Jimmy Wales will be assisting 10 downing street to help gather and gauge opinion about national issues.

Why Aren't Women Writing For Wikipedia? [Headlines]

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia says 90% of the writers on Wikipedia are men and explained that some areas could use the help of female writers.