joey roth

Design A Look at Bluetooth's Refined Reconfiguration of Speakers

This omnidirectional speaker is just one discreet approach to sound

Design Self-Watering Planter Lets Anyone Be A Green-Thumb

A designer has created a planter out of porous earthenware, which features a central chamber that lets water seep through to the surrounding soil.

Design (Pics) PSFK Salon NYC : Design

During New York Design Week this year, PSFK held a small talk around craft, sustainability and the role of design today with DDCLAB co-founder Savania Davies, Illustrator Sougwen Chung, Nooka founder and creative director Matthew Waldman and Joey Roth.

Advertising (Event) PSFK Salon NYC : Design

For New York Design Week, PSFK will host a special salon where collaborators of the Sounds Like exhibition will discuss design and its role in the world.