John Geraci

Design Crowd Planning Brings Collaboration Into Urban Design [My Ideal City]

PSFK chats with John Geraci of DIYCity, about how crowd planning is impacting city development.

Advertising Cities Planned With Public Opinion Collected Via SMS [My Ideal City]

Textizen is an SMS platform which engages community feedback in order to inform planning decisions.

Innovation Crowdsourcing CO2 Output [Headlines]

John Geraci says that we must start mapping CO2 output by city so that communities can see and understand what their own contribution to the problem is.

Retail John Geraci: 3D Printing Means No More 'Made In China' - Or Detroit [Headlines]

Entrepreneur imagines stores that don't need to manufacture things at all – they just send a customer a blueprint.

New Apps Are No Longer News [Headlines]

Because there are so many new apps appearing, it's hard for news media to get people excited for another emerging app.

Advertising An EZ Way To Get A Lot More People Using EZ Pass [Headlines]

"EZ Pass is so cool – it’s a city tech person’s dream app.. But for a system that’s so well designed to improve throughput and efficiency, they haven’t thought through their user acquisition tactics very well."