Jonathan Jones

Syndicated Why Pop Art's American Dream Is Over

The British Museum’s latest show brings together great pop and abstract expressionist images from the US that seem like relics from a lost civilisation

Design Are There Really Only 7 Types of Beauty?

The Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York has taxonomised the indefinable: beauty

Advertising Why British Museums Need to Start Charging Entrance Fees

Entrance fees in Britain's museums would create a supplement to public funding and would make visitors value these institutions and their art more than they do now

Syndicated Mirrors Bring Light To Shadowy Norwegian Town

Artist Martin Andersen's giant exhibit illuminates Rjukan, but our exact need for sunlight remains enigmatic.

Syndicated Why The Taylor-Burton Story Still Resonates In Culture

Acting out the reality of love- a comparison of screen and reality, truth and acting.

Advertising Are Daleks Pop Art Masterpieces?

Raymond Cusick-designed villian, featured in Doctor Who, is both artistically confusing and intriguing.

Features Courtroom Photograph Captures Pistorius' Pain

An arresting image from Olympian Pistorius' trial expresses the South African's emotional turmoil as he faces allegations that he murdered his girlfriend.

Design Why Picasso Is Making A Comeback

This week, a painting by the artist was sold at Sotheby's for £28.5 million while a new work debuted at the British Museum.

Should Contemporary Art Be Displayed Alongside Ancient Masters?

Does New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art have the most effective museum model? Or should global institutions continue to segregate their collections.

Work Tracy Emin Reimagines London's Tube Map As Tree Branches

Her interesting design, featuring just five stations, will be available in June for tourists coming to London for the Olympics.

Syndicated Does Modern Art Eschew Beauty?

Did artists like Picasso and Matisse intend to create 'ugly' work, or when the press titled them so, did the ugly begin to triumph over the beautiful?

Design James Turrell's Psychedelic Immersion Sphere

An exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery in London is taking visitors on a mind-bending journey.