Technology Google Is Helping Journalists Crowdsource War Reporting

Journalists get help to discover and verify eyewitnesses on social media

Innovation Electric Socket ‘Speaks’ To Journalists To Promote New EV

Opel created a unique advertisement for the Ampera using a power strip that when used, began to talk.

Technology Social Media Site Curates Protests In Real Time

Crowdvoice pulls all the most up-to-date information on social movements from different sources around the web.

29% Drop In Journalistic Staff Jobs In UK [Headlines]

Traditional print media output has decreased 17% over the past five years.

Advertising Journalists Work In News Café, A Social Hub For The Community

Newspaper staff from the Winnipeg Free Press in Canada are situated in a branded cafe that is open to the public.

Design PSFK Asks The Purple List, What Are Your Top Three Sources Of News & Information?

PSFK PurpleList experts give their favorite news and information sources and why.

Work Computer-Generated Articles To Replace Journalists?

New York Times article looks at the work of Narrative Science, a company that turns data into editorial content.

Social Media Outlets Launch Guides For Journalists [Headlines]

Facebook and Twitter give journalists a list of rules that show how to best use their respective social media outlets in their reporting.

Luxury Israel Takes Flak For Flotilla Warning Against Journalists

Local and international journalists respond to Israel's immanent threat.

Technology UK Press Watchdog Looks To Regulate Journalists' Twitter Activity [Headlines[

The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) is to begin a consultation which could result in it regulating journalists' and newspapers' Twitter feeds.

Advertising Monocolumn: Crowdsourcing The News

As traditional news media outlets fret over their business models, there’s no shortage of upstarts hot-housing the future of journalism online.

Advertising Cafés Double Up As Newsrooms For Hyperlocal Journalists

A news outlet in Czech Republic has opened a chain of newscafes, which act as traditional cafes as well as newsrooms for local journalists.