Julian Assange

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Facebook makes push for more inclusion, Kodak's hometown suffers as the company declines and Twitter unites global soccer fans.

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New smartphones from Blackberry, Assange to run for Australian Senate and Twitter named the fastest growing social network...links to start your day with.

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From politicians and professors to computer scientists and the first programmer, these are the champions of the open internet.

Innovation Julian Assange Will Host His Own TV Show [Headlines]

The man behind WikiLeaks will premier a brand new program where he will interview prominent thinkers.

Technology The Hacker War Over Wikileaks

Operation: Payback targets foes of Julian Assange including Paypal, Twitter, PostFinance and Mastercard.

Design Monocolumn: Young Upstart WikiLeaks Turns To The Old Guard

Julian Assange, the director of whistleblower intermediary website, WikiLeaks, released his site’s Afghan War Diary yesterday. And he did it in a very traditional way.