Juliette Garside

Design A Look At The Updates From The iPhone 5S Launch

Apple's new model adds fingertip scanning and goes on sale on 20 September.

Advertising Google Unveils Voice And Gesture-Controlled Smartphone

Google's Moto X aims to create a new experience as it responds to both verbal and motion commands and is designed to be in permanent listening mode.

Features Mobile Wallet Will Trade Data

Weve hopes to compete with Google Wallet by handling shoppers' information differently.

Home Fast Phone Promises Films In Minutes And Songs In Seconds

Chinese hardware company shows off a handset that it states can download movies and songs in record time.

Gaming & Play Mozilla To Launch Smartphone Operating System

Company responsible for Firefox to release handset targeted at developing countries and open platforms.

Luxury Should Schools Embrace Mobile Device Usage In Class?

Rather than banning smartphones and tablets in schools, perhaps educators should be more open-minded about the potential for these technologies.

Retail Microsoft Surface Debuts To Mixed Reviews

Writers praise the tablet's touchscreen and battery life, but criticise the lack of apps, its poor camera and its slightly heavier weight.

Innovation Thinner, Faster, Taller iPhone 5 Revealed

Apple introduces its latest smartphone iteration that is set to run on 4G, but critics are calling this the "the last great iPhone launch." Are they right?

Syndicated Do Book Publishers Need To Become 'Multimedia Content Producers?'

HarperCollins's chief executive is about to launch an e-atlas – and, she says, that's not the only way the world is changing.

Technology iPhone's iOS 6 To Drop YouTube App

The video sharing icon will not appear on the next version of the iPhone's operating system as Apple looks to move away from Google.

Advertising Should All TV Be Broadcast Over The Internet?

The UK is thinking about moving all TV over to the internet to leave the airwaves free for mobile phones.