kansas city

Design Brad Pitt Reinvents The Bungalow

Make It Right foundation launches new designs to help those in need

Home Building World's Tallest Water Slide is Tricky Business

17 stories, 5 gs of acceleration, and years of planning make for a unique ride

Innovation Crowdfunded Bikeshare Could Be Popping Up In Kansas City

The one million dollar campaign looks to strengthen urban living and sustainability.

Advertising Posters For Planners [Pics]

Inspiration prints from a PSFK Labs education workshop at Barkley with Faris Yakob.

Work Could Kansas City Be The Next Startup Hotspot?

Cofounder of TechStars, Brad Feld, purchased a house in world's first Google 'Fiberhood.'

Innovation Google Plans To Launch TV Service In 2012 [Headlines]

the Wall Street Journal says that the tech company has applied to provide video service to residents of Kansas City

Design SubTropolis: Underground Office Space

A massive, eco-friendly business facility operates 100 feet underground in Kansas City.