Advertising Iceland Is Turning To Karaoke To Draw Tourists

Iceland challenges foreigners to sing along to The A-Ö of Iceland—a song featuring words and phrases from the notoriously difficult language

Technology The First-Ever Hologram Karaoke Will Debut This Summer

An augmented reality company has been working to make holographic singing a reality

Advertising Beer Cup with Karaoke Screen Helps You Remember the Lyrics

A beer company makes sure festival goers never miss a lyric

Design Karaoke School Branding Helps Amateurs Feel Like Rockstars [Pics]

Designers Marina Zakinyan and Vlad Likh created the graphic identity for the WOW Karaoke School, featuring famous singers.

Innovation Microphone Add-On Turns A Phone Into A Karaoke Machine

An affordable alternative to going out allows you to sing along with your favorite songs.

Work PSFK's Hot Picks For SXSW Day 2

Cut through the noise and get the best South by Southwest events, tips, tools and buzz.

Advertising Coke's Carol-Powered Vending Machine Brings Holiday Spirit

JMW Stockholm lets you sing a Christmas song in return for a Coke by creating a karaoke machine with microphones attached.

Technology Sing Karaoke Via Typing To Improve Your Speed

Instead of improving your singing, this 8-bit game is designed to help improve your keyboard skills by typing out the lyrics to songs.

Design Multilingual Karaoke Machine Encourages Passers-By To Sing In Public

Urban Republic creates a project on the streets of Vancouver to get the isolated urban population interacting with each other.

Retail Applebee's Reinvents Itself As A Nightclub

The family-friendly restaurant chain transforms into 'bee's Late Night' in an after-hours experiment.

Yoostar 2: Karaoke Goes To The Movies

Upcoming game release allows fans to act in their favorite films.