Katrin Baumgarten

Design One Day...Coffee Machines Will Be Able To Communicate With Humans

Interaction designer Katrin Baumgarten imagines a future where machines will have more human qualities.

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The designer explores the possibility of machines that think for themselves.

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Artist Katrin Baumgarten talks to PSFK about how the technology we use daily may someday communicate its needs back to its user.

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The innovative artist and designer talks about re-humanising interaction design and the “Aesthetics of Disgust."

Work Mio I-zawa Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger

Japanese artist work reflects a theme of disgust in electronics.

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Recent Royal College of Art graduate discusses how paradoxical emotions can be harnessed for creative design.

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Design Inanimate Objects That Touch Back

UK-based designer Katrin Baumgarten has built in the element of disgust into two recent projects