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The travel search engine's new app is providing people with ideas for future vacation destinations

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The travel booking company wants to help people sneakily plan their vacation with a desktop tool that makes their interface look like an excel spreadsheet

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Travel Service Mixes AI And Real-Human Assistance

With this app you can be assured of a smooth itinerary, with on-demand service at all times

Luxury Charter a Jet Like You Would a Taxi

Victor lets you book private jet services on demand at $40,000-$60,000 a pop

Design Oru Kayak's Latest Model is Backpacker and Environmentally Friendly

Foldable boating brand now building models from recyclable plastics

Design Transparent Kayak Made from Key Ingredient in Bulletproof Glass

Witness life above and below the water with Clear Blue Hawaii's Molokini

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By connecting customer preferences with knowledgable agents, travel sites can offer better service and take the pain out of the planning process.

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Recycling behavior is affected by the perception of an object, amazon testing wireless services and why Vine videos are 6 seconds long.

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Advertising agency Barton F Graf 9000 has created a mobile site better suited to the first function of phones: voice.

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Foxconn confirms iPhone 5 delays, Twitter admits hacking, and a proposal to clone endangered animals.... Links to start your day with.

Work How To Reimagine Personal Transportation

Designer Anton Willis is known for projects that weave together culture, environment and nature, like his foldable kayak. One of a series of interviews brought to you by the Heineken Ideas Brewery.

Design Origami Kayak Unfolds & Is Ready-To-Use In Minutes [Video]

A large artist portfolio quickly assembles into a working boat.

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From entertainment and food to hotels and maps, PSFK's PurpleList members give their favorite travel apps.

Advertising Mobile Activity To Drive Kayak's Business Strategy

Beginning 2010, Kayak's plans are to launch a mobile-centric travel-booking system as part of their core service.