Retail Mobile Keyboard Lets People Shop As They Text

ShopChat moves sales onto a texting interface, allowing people to easily share potential purchases with friends

Consumer Goods Mechanical Keyboard Designed To Feel Like A Retro Typewriter

Lofree has designed a modern keypad made to match the feel of a classic device

Design Electric Keyboard Claims To Make It Easy To Learn The Piano

The DODEKA keyboard not only presents an easier to play model, but also a new way of writing music

Entertainment Touch Bar Turned Into A Fully Functional Piano

A fun app turns the device into a tactile instrument that can easily switch between musical sounds

Work Keyboard Designed To Help Women Use More Assertive Language

The device is a commentary on gender roles in the workplace, and features easy access to "power verbs" that help reinforce a habit of being direct in writing

Technology Wearable Turns Any Surface Into A One-Handed Keyboard

This gadget could overthrow the need for stationary keyboards

Gaming & Play Keyboard Boasts Infinite Shortcut Possibilities

Sonder helps users work faster and smarter, adapting to display app-specific layouts on E-ink keys

Design iOS Keyboard Inspired By Pantone Colors

Brightkey, which provides an alternative keyboard for Apple devices, will deliver colorful and seasonally-aware themes

Advertising Functional Keyboard Can Be Printed Onto A Sheet Of Paper

Clunky input devices will soon be extinct thanks to this new technology.

Gaming & Play Hacked Piano Acts As Video Game Controller [Video]

Fans of the first-person shooter Doom now have a new musical way to play the game.

Technology New Symbol For 'The' Will Help People Text Faster

Most commonly used word in the English language gets an abbreviated symbol like the ampersand.

Design Casetop Turns Phone Into An Instant Laptop

The device has an LED backlit LCD screen, full-size keyboard, and built-in 56 Wh battery.

Innovation A Violin Made Of Lasers [Video]

Dylan Menzies uses synthesis software and optical sensors to replicate the sound of a bow moving across the strings.

Design Standard Keyboard Gets Revamped To Make Touchscreen Typing Easier

Indiegogo-funded Minuum iteration aims to make typing faster and more efficient in tune with today's smaller screens.