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Entertainment Pixar Is Working With A Non-Profit Academy To Teach Storytelling

The animation studio has teamed up with Khan Academy to create free online classes for people of all ages

Put Your Middle and High Schoolers on the Fast Track to Pixar Success

Khan Academy now features a free online resource exploring the academic concepts behind Pixar Animation Studios' creative process

Editors Pick 6 Brands Creating the Connected Life

How Apple, Jawbone, Microsoft and more are defining conventions for the connected life

Technology Khan Academy's Revamped iPad App Is Learner Intuitive

Leader in distance ed opens its curriculum to iPad users with individualized flair

Design Google Engages Girls With Code School Vouchers, 3D Printing Projects

The tech giant has pledged $50 million towards endeavors aimed at encouraging women and girls to get their code on.

Partner Content How New Platforms Are Lowering The Barriers To Learning

Online platforms are creating greater access to education and altering people’s expectations about how knowledge can be gained.

Innovation How Do We Educate The Workforce Of The Future?

PSFK chats with the founders of Enstitute, the apprenticeship-based, higher education program that is trying to replace college by creating an environment where students learn by doing.

Home Khan Academy Asks Students To Be Their Own Greatest Teachers [Video]

An entrepreneur is asking whether students should take classes at home, and do their homework at school.

Advertising Future of Health: Distance Learning

The development of faster mobile networks and improved device technology is enabling access to the web’s entire library of video tutorials and how-tos on handheld devices and can lead to the creation of virtual classrooms that can happen anywhere.

Podcast Seth Godin: The Wrapper Matters

When you have a big idea, the question is, how to spread it?

Technology The Khan Academy: Online Video Education For Everyone

With the mission of providing a quality education to anyone, anywhere in the world, Salman Khan has created over 1,100 educational online videos covering a wide range of subjects.