Kickstarter campaign

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Collapsible Carry-On for Under-the-Bed Storage

Barracuda is a collapsible carry-on suitcase packed with features that will make your day if you're a frequent flier

Home Ai Weiwei Stars In Secret, Crowdfunded Sci-Fi Flick [Video]

Director Jason Wishnow has kept the production quiet for over a year, and is now Kickstarting its release.

Design Color-Changing Building Blocks Create Illuminated Structures [Pics]

Tangeez are internally illuminated blocks that change color as you stack them to create a spectrum depending on where they are placed.

Work Street Art Lets Women Take A Stand Against Harassment

Artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s public art project strives to give a voice to women who don’t feel capable of talking back to cat-callers.

Technology IPad Cover Converts Real Sketches Into Digital Copies In Real-Time

iSketchnote digitizes doodles and comes with regular pens whose colors show up as their same colors on the app.

Design Foldable Ballet Flats Combat High-Heel Pain On The Go [Pics]

Currently on Kickstarter, FlipSlip is a compact and hygienic shoe that functions as back-up footwear.

Retail Independent Fashion Designer Uses Kickstarter As Her Online Store

Designer Maria Pinto is debuting and selling her new line on Kickstarter, hoping that customers will support her through the crowdfunding network.

Technology Flexible LED Panels Display Athlete's Heart Rate And Achievements

'Fos' is a wearable and lightweight LED display system by Anders Nelson currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

Technology Sensor-Equipped Basketball Acts As A Virtual Shooting Coach

Shooters Revolution's EVO ONE uses micro-sensor technology to help players perfect their skills.

Design Algae Dino Pet Doubles As A Night Light [Pics]

The interactive toy photosynthesizes during the day and glows at night, aiming to present biology in a fun way and teach kids about nature.

Design Rubber Stamp Turns Old Photographs Into Postcards

Stampede prints a typical postcard template onto the back of photos, including the postage stamp area and address lines.

Produce Condoms Extend Chopped Vegetable’s Expiration Dates

Food Huggers recreate the protective seal of produce’s natural skin, and helps stop food from rotting.

Design Magnetic Watch Lets Wearers Feel What Time It Is [Video]

The Bradley timepiece lets users sense the hours and minutes with minute ball bearings.

Innovation Public Sculptures Encourage Outdoor Workouts

Flexible is an interactive fitness area, whose art pieces become platforms for physical activity.