Photos Taken From Kites Capture Landscape At New Angles [Pics]

This collection of spectacular bird’s eye view shots were taken by suspending a camera from the flying device.

Advertising Flying Kite 'Flash Mobs' Monitor China's Air Quality

Graduate students turn a children's toy into a flying carbon monoxide and VOC level sensor.

Technology Spy Kites To Supplant Satellite Source Of Google Maps?

The simple power of the toy opens new horizons for the ambitious mapping project.

Technology Kite Photography: An Aerial View Of India

Nicolas Chorier is a French photographer who takes photographs with a customized camera rig which broadcasts its picture down to a handset made from a game boy.

Design (Pics) Upcycled Kites Made Of Trash

Cheaper than hand-crafted paper kites, these upcycled Indian versions were seen battling the sky at The Uttarayan Kite Festival in Ahmedabad, India.

Design Red Arrow Project Encourages Mindfulness

The Red Arrow Project by Jennifer Fisher and Christian Cerrito uses floating 4'x4' kites to remind viewers to stop, explore and engage with their surroundings.