Food & Beverage Beer Drinkers Can Use Brew To Develop Their Own Kodak Photos

Kodak and Delaware-based brewery Dogfish Head collaborated on a beer with a pH capable of developing Kodak Super 8 film, dubbing the brew "analog beer for a digital age"

Fashion & Apparel Kodak Aims To Reach Younger Consumers With Forever21 Collection

The photography company is hoping to stay relevant by capitalizing on the nostalgia tendency in streetwear, incorporating past designs into fashion pieces with the popular apparel retailer

Advertising Op-Ed: The Rise Of The Discerning, Enabled Consumer Has Disrupted The Agency Model

‘State of the Digital Nation’ series author and former ustwo owner Jules Ehrhardt explores how the era of the empowered consumer caught the ad industry off guard, prompting a crisis for the agency model

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Kodak Is Using Blockchain To Spot Unlicensed Images Around The Web

Kodak will launch a new platform, KodakOne, designed to protect the image rights of photographers

Syndicated Brands Generate Buzz By Associating Themselves With Cryptocurrency

Companies pivoting to, or just showing an interest in, cryptocurrencies and associated technologies have resulted in a sudden burst in share price

Retail Photo Concierge Brings Your Instagram Photos To Life

TurnGram will professionally edit and deliver your photos directly to your door

Design Kodak Brings The Insta-Print Camera To The Digital Age

The camera company have developed a new camera for those who miss the days of instantly-printing their photos

Design Use Your Phone Like A Kodak Disposable Camera

iPhone users can download Gudak and take pictures as though their device were an old-school disposable camera

Advertising Kodak's Magazine Targets Those Who Love Art, Film And Analog Culture

Kodachrome features stories and conversations from around the globe

Technology Kodak's Smartphone Is Inspired By A Retro Camera

Ektra is an Android phone with a powerful lens aimed at photographers

Innovation Yves Béhar on Retro Design In An Instantaneous World

fuseproject's founder on creating an up-to-date filmmaking experience with a film-based cartridge

Home The Recreation of Super 8 for Modern Consumer Sensibilities

Two companies intend to turn consumers back to their filmmaking roots

Video Kodak’s New Action Camera Features 360-Degree Lens

The photography brand's PIXPRO SP360 aims to give GoPro a run for its money

Luxury 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook makes push for more inclusion, Kodak's hometown suffers as the company declines and Twitter unites global soccer fans.