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Advertising Adobe's Digital Composers Will Create A Soundtrack For Your Life

By defining a few parameters such as mood, era and genre, the program is able to automatically generate unique musical compositions

Entertainment How Intel's Drones Kicked Off The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Choreographed drones took to the dark skies at the start of the halftime show to present the more artistic ways a creative can use a drone

Innovation Lady Gaga and Intel to Honor David Bowie at the 2016 Grammys

An experimental performance unveils the "wizard behind the curtain" in tribute

Technology Community-Created Social Networks Pay Their Own Content Creators

Backed by Lady Gaga, the Backplane network puts the power into the user's hands.

Design Furniture Built Entirely From Obsolete Computers And Electronics [Pics]

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell's Binary Chair is featured on Lady Gaga's 'Artpop' album and tour.

Luxury Lady Gaga's ARTPOP App Tries To Out Do Bjork's Biophilia

The singer's newest album marks her long-standing foray into the fine art world.

Home H&M Cuts Down On Lines By Turning The Dressing Room Into A Cash Register

The retailer makes a blockbuster move to firmly secure their dominance in America.

Innovation Flying Dress Transports Lady Gaga To Her Own Party [Video]

The singer's career takes flight once again.

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Amazon to begin Sunday deliveries, Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons redesign USA Today's logo, and other top stories.

Design 13 Stories You Need To Know Today

Brands are happy with Instagram ads, and 3D printing might stop animal testing.

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Online auctions for business class seats in airplanes, 3-D camera that detects emotions and Apple upgrading screens to 6 inches.

Features Does Pop Music Have New Obsession With Death?

With a generation of fans raised on Twilight, we shouldn't be too surprised that the charts are full of macabre disco-inspired tracks.

Gaming & Play Freddie Laker: The War For Your Living Room -- Microsoft’s (Secret) Strategy

How can the tech company's new smartphone compete with other successful models? It will have to rely on multi-platform integration to pull ahead of its competitors.

Advertising Lady Gaga's Manager On The Future Of Social Media

Troy Carter believes that knowing user behaviour spells success and partnering with Silicon Valley is the only way to win in the record business.