Design This Lamp Only Lights Up If You Surrender Your Smartphone

Designer Klemens Schillinger wants to help people unplug

Home This Lamp Is Designed So That It Can Never Be Knocked Down

This minimalist lamp will only sway side to side when moved or touched, which is actually what the designer wants you to do

Design Inflatable Lamp Comes Rolled Up In A Can

Ingo Maurer's Blow Me Up lamp can be hung in different ways around the house

Technology Lamp Harvests Energy From Plants

Living Light aims to create a new connection between humans, nature and technology

Children A Dance Party Lamp Empowers Girls To Like Science and Mathematics

Through arts and crafts, Brainy Yak Labs hopes to get children engaged in STEM early

Home Modular Indoor Garden Works Like A Living LEGO Set

LeGrow lets gardeners resize, add lights and even simulate a morning fog for their home plants

Consumer Goods Salt Water Is All This Lamp Needs To Run For 80 Hours

Instead of batteries, fill the Mizusion lamp with a cup of saline solution

Health Roller Shade Stimulates Sunshine for Windowless Rooms

Wake up to the morning sunshine with this minimalist lamp

Design Bed Designed With A Built-In Subwoofer, TV, Lamp And Power Outlets

A company in India believes a bed is more than a location for sleep, it can be a relaxing epicenter for entertainment and connectivity

Design Donut-Shaped Dimmable Lamp Lights The Way At Night

Clipse can be hooked on a door handle or ona bedsid table to provide soft ambient light

Consumer Goods Electricity-Free Lamp Is Powered by Octopus Bacteria

Dutch designer Teresa Van Dongen has merged design and biology in her new project

Home Phone-Powered Lamp Is Lit Entirely By Your Device's LED

Lampless lamp uses your phone as a source of light and can be controlled by hand gestures

Design The Only Way To Turn On This Lamp Is By Turning Off Your Phone

Tranquillo offers an interruption-free mode by turning on when users put their phones down

Design Lamp Uses Natural Lighting Rhythms To Promote Wellness

A lamp designed to work with your body clock to help you feel awake during the day