Design Sticky Page Markers Turn Books Into Themed Landscapes

The packs let you create miniature scenes whilst marking important pages in books, catalogs and documents

Work Fish Tanks Double As Underwater Fantasy Worlds [Pics]

Kim Keever’s landscapes look like traditional paintings when photographed, but are made from some unusual materials.

Design Still-Life Photography Landscapes Made Entirely Out Of Food [Pics]

Meat, bread and vegetables used to create breathtaking scenes in various environments.

Advertising Tea Box Designs Composed From The Leaves Inside [Pics]

TripTea hired Andrew Gorkovenko to create packaging illustrating exotic landscapes using loose leaves.

Home A Tour Of Murals Found In Prison Visiting Rooms [Pics]

A new book shows the painted backdrops that inmates and their visitors pose in front of for photographs.

Technology Pinhole Camera Hack Projects Outside World On To Apartment Walls

The '' experimental movie project transforms rooms into screens for the outside world.

Design Graem Whyte's Miniature Landscapes [Pics]

The artist and sculptor's inventive abstract landscapes.

Advertising Fauxvism: Landscape Paintings From Video Games

Artist James Barnett creates landscape paintings from scenes found in 3D video games.