Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Uber Is Teaching Customers Sign Language With New Feature

The service is a part of the company's mission to improve working life for deaf drivers

Entertainment Streaming Service Teaches Viewers Chinese And Korean

Viki's "Learn Mode" makes it easy to stop the show and catch up

Advertising Vending Machine Accepts Dialects As A Form Of Payment

Coca-Cola made a vending machine that allows a person to speak a phrase in a specific Swedish dialect to win a drink

Interview How Instagram Is Being Used As A Language Learning Tool

Several Instagram accounts dedicated to teaching language have developed a passionate following

Design Bluetooth Earpieces Translate Foreign Languages In Real Time

Two people with WT2 earpieces can communicate with one another verbally, even if they don't speak the same language

Advertising Netflix Campaign Creates 'Narcos'-Themed Spanish Lessons

The streaming platform teamed up with language app Babbel to create an app that taught users Spanish phrases from their original drama 'Narcos'

Design Designer Created A Chair That Shocks Sitters To Stimulate The Creative Process

Daan Roosegaarde grew tired of hearing 'yes, but' during creative discussions when someone heard a new idea, prompting him to design a piece that delivers a mild charge when that phrase is uttered

Advertising Irish Language Pop-Up Connects People Around the World

The pop-up social events are meant to encourage people to learn about and speak the Irish language

Service Breaks Down Language Barriers Using Comics

LingoZING is an app that uses comic books as a way to easily teach languages

Technology A Robot Can Help Teach You Spanish

Tega mirrors students' responses to be an emotionally intelligent tutor in the class-room

Technology Earpiece Can Translate Foreign Languages On The Fly

The Pilot lets you nestle a personal interpreter directly into your ear canal

Educational Robot Mimics Computer Programming In Real Life

This little robot kit makes an easy jump from Lego to Javascript.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Augmented Reality Passport Keeps Traveling Children Entertained

A multi-faceted app makes it easy to keep kids occupied and teach them new languages.

Design Library Shelves Display Different Languages Based On Your View [Pics]

Designer Chat Travieso’s 'Word Play' installation displays the word “Library” in English, Spanish, and Chinese, depending on where the viewer is.