Advertising Intel Wants Users To Be Part Of The Future Of Computing

Excited about how gesture-, voice- and eye-control are changing the future of computing? Why not be a part of its creation?

Technology 12% Of iPad Owners No Longer Use Their Laptops [Headlines]

People are finding that their tablets can satisfy all their online needs.

Gaming & Play Microsoft To Launch A Kinect Notebook?

Prototype laptops with built-in facial and gesture recognition sensors are able to process motion commands.

Technology Women Buy More Devices Than Men [Headlines]

Females are more likely to purchase tablets, laptops and smartphones than males, according to a few recent studies.

Nearly Four Out Of Five Consumers Want A Tablet Over A Laptop [Headlines]

A larger percentage of consumers would prefer to receive a tablet as a gift than those who would like a laptop.

Gaming & Play Razer Unveils It's New Gaming Laptop

The manufacturer announces the ultraportable, high performance Razer Blade.

Design Handmade Acoustic Laptops Make Non-Digital Music

While digital laptops are way of connecting to others through the Internet, acoustic laptops become a way of reconnecting to one's self, the physical presence of the here and now.

Retail (Pics) Dell X Threadless

Unique new designs for Dell laptops from the crowdsourced design community.

Technology LEDs Enhanced By Nanotechnology

Predicting that a majority of the notebook computers marketed over the next year will feature LED backlighting, technology research firm Nanosys have been developing LED displays powered by nanotechnology.

Advertising Dell x OPI

Dell has been trying to woo over computer enthusiasts of the female persuasion- first through their misguided Della campaign and now by teaming up with iconic nail polish company OPI for a new line of lacquer-inspired laptops.