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Design The City of the Future, As Designed by Google's Sidewalk Labs

The venture, led by former CEO of Bloomberg LP alongside Google CEO Larry Page, will build new technology platforms to transform and improve city life

Work Piers Fawkes: In Praise Of TED

Why the five day conference still draws crowds and gives people access to ideas and voices they might not otherwise hear.

Innovation Google Launches Anti-Aging Initiative

Larry Page announces a new company that aims to deal with life extension and ultimately fend off death

Luxury Google's Larry Page: Facebook Is Doing A Really Bad Job

The search giant's chief says says the social network's products are sub par, and that Apple's product range is 'unsatisfying.'

Advertising Did Google Try To Cover Up That It Was Stealing Data Through Street View?

FCC revelations show that Google's engineer knew Street View would collect data; what one analyst says this and the company's obstructive behaviour to the investigation means for the future.

Home Can Asteroid Mining Help To Sustain Our Planet?

Why we need to think about colonizing space as we run out of room and resources on Earth.

Technology Google Founders Team Up With James Cameron For Asteroid Mining Mission [Headlines]

Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and the Explorer/Filmmaker back a project that aims to extract valuable resources from space.

Innovation Google Buys Motorola For $12.5 Bn [Headlines]

Google always had an interest in mobile technology, but an announcement to buy Motorola Mobility at $12.5bn makes it official.

Technology CEO Larry Page Confrims Number Of Google+ Users Now 10 million [Headlines]

The site's 10 million+ members share over one billion items each day, said Page, implying a high level of activity among registered users.