Technology New Laser Projector Allows High-Quality Video Mapping On Any Surface

A new type of projections could put moving media on any conceivable surface.

Technology Laser-Equipped Planes Could Dodge Turbulence

Scientists are testing a new system that can detect turbulence by monitoring minor changes in the air.

Work How Drones Evolved From Military Espionage To Pizza Delivery

This technology is being commercialized and popularized and is taking on a new role in customer service.

Advertising Nike Projects Laser Beam Soccer Fields Onto City Streets [Video]

The sports brand creates places to play for kids and adults who don't have access to proper facilities.

Technology Laser Projector Superimposes Light On Floating Bubbles [Video]

Memo Akten experimented created floating screens using the Etherdream DAC.

Design Laser-Powered Rifle Decides When To Shoot & Records The Action

The TrackingPoint rifle uses a built-in computers to make an accurate shot and only fires when it is pointed in the right place.

Syndicated The Creators Project: Interactive Musical Forest Made Of Lasers

Laser Forest is comprised of 150 rods which can be tapped and played.

Design Cut Food With An Electromagnetic Laser Instead Of A Knife

A Russian design student has created a conceptual device that cuts food into desired shapes without the use of a blade.

Innovation Lasers To End The Need For Sparkplugs [Headlines]

Internal combustion engines are likely to remain in widespread use for some time yet, but it's possible that we may be bidding adieu to that most iconic of engine parts, the spark plug.

Advertising Lupe Fiasco Tags Union Square [Pic]

The artist's fans can pre-order his new album by scanning a huge QR code displayed prominently in New York City's Union Square.

Robin Fox's 3D Laser Description Of Sound

An Austrailian artist creatively reuses a technology to visualize the audio space.

Work Making It Rain With Lasers?

An experiment at the University of Geneva gives hope to the promise of on-demand rain.

Technology Laser Assisted Microphone Makes Next Leap in Sound Technology

David Schwartz, a digital audio pioneer, will soon be unveiling a new design for a microphone that is aided by lasers to isolate "pure sound."