Latin America

Analysis Interview: How 167-Year-Old Money Exchange Western Union Keeps Evolving For New Generations

PSFK speaks to Mike Hafer, SVP, Marketing and Field Execution, North America for Western Union about how his company is building a future-proof, multigenerational strategy

Automotive Uber Invests In South America With $64 Million São Paulo Tech Center For Safety Development

Catering to its second-largest national customer base, the ridesharing app’s new space will focus on developing technology to increase safety for riders and drivers in Brazil and around the world

Advertising Habitat For Humanity Uses Insecticide-Emitting Posters In Campaign Against Mosquitos

The NGO designed ads that dissolve when it rains and emit an insecticide that destroys mosquitos carrying viruses like Zika, fighting for the very cause that the campaign is raising awareness for

Advertising This Magazine Ad For Insecticide Can Be Used to Kill Actual Bugs

A clever advertisement harkens back to a low-tech method of getting rid of insects

Food & Beverage McDonald's Drive-Thru Actually Drives Up To Diners

The campaign created a drive-thru truck that brought fast food to the people

Design PSFK 2017 Speaker Interview: How One Grumpy Old Man Became An Art Wizard On Instagram

PSFK 2017 speaker Ji Lee just wanted his father to connect with his grandkids online—then his dad accidentally became Instagram famous

Retail Interactive Cinema Puts Your Tweets On The Big Screen

A Venezuelan movie chain has been testing out a social way to watch films

Children Game Lets Kids Play Tug Of War Across The US-Mexico Border

The installation introduces a way for kids to play with each other regardless of national boundaries

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Cloud Rains Tequila To Promote Tourism

A creative agency created the installation to encourage Germans to vacation in Mexico

Neurodiverse Teens Restore A Vintage Bentley To Race Across Mexico

Mexico Or Bust hopes to improve understanding of teens and adults who are different and celebrate what they can achieve

Pacifico Rebrand Adopts A New Summer Look

The beer brand is hoping to appeal to younger consumers with a new design that injects more fun into its packaging

Design See Yourself Amid Nature With This 'Portal' Of Mirrors

'El Portal Invisible' is a pavilion wrapped in mirrors that invites reflection in the countryside

Interview A Beverage Brand Born From And For Underground Dance Culture

What happens when a company does beverage branding in reverse, letting music culture dictate its identity?

Entertainment Stream Netflix Or Hulu Using This Connected Coconut

The product's creators hope consumers will jump at the chance to bring a taste of the Caribbean into their home technology set-up