Latin America

Automotive Taxi Startup Lets Riders And Drivers Decide Their Fare

InDriver aims to shake up the rideshare industry by allowing both passengers and drivers to haggle for the fairest rates, inspired by social media arguments over price surges

Loyalty & Membership Uber Invests In South America With $64 Million São Paulo Tech Center For Safety Development

Catering to its second-largest national customer base, the ridesharing app’s new space will focus on developing technology to increase safety for riders and drivers in Brazil and around the world

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Dynamic Ad Tool Lets Companies Advertise Through Personalized Instagram Stories

Clinch is teaming up with brands like travel company Despegar to produce engaging Instagram videos with embedded call-to-actions and location-dependent messaging

Food & Beverage Subway Is Using Data To Modernize And Tailor Its Menu For Local Communities

Utilizing Tastemade's network, Subway intends to reach a worldwide audience in new and engaging ways, leveraging data and consumer insights to rehaul its brand

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Marriott's AR App Gives Travelers Access To Virtual Resort Tours

Would-be guests can use the augmented reality feature to 'walk' through the rooms, restaurants and beaches of eight resort locations across the Caribbean and Mexico

Advertising Amex Made (And Destroyed) An Exclusive Movie For Platinum Cardholders

American Express delivered its message of exclusivity by screening a short film for its premium clients and subsequently wiping out the only copy of it

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Habitat For Humanity Uses Insecticide-Emitting Posters In Campaign Against Mosquitos

The NGO designed ads that dissolve when it rains and emit an insecticide that destroys mosquitos carrying viruses like Zika, fighting for the very cause that the campaign is raising awareness for

Cafe & Restaurant Interview: Using Consumer Behavior To Build A Travel Media Brand

Skift founder and CEO Rafat Ali discusses how his media company delivers insights across the travel industry by starting with the empowered consumer

Fashion & Apparel Louis Vuitton Gives Los Angeles A Taste Of Its Rich History

The iconic French design house lets visitors experience the brand's past, present and future in its traveling Time Capsule exhibit

Advertising This Magazine Ad For Insecticide Can Be Used to Kill Actual Bugs

A clever advertisement harkens back to a low-tech method of getting rid of insects

Food & Beverage McDonald's Drive-Thru Actually Drives Up To Diners

The campaign created a drive-thru truck that brought fast food to the people

Retail Interactive Cinema Puts Your Tweets On The Big Screen

A Venezuelan movie chain has been testing out a social way to watch films

Children Game Lets Kids Play Tug Of War Across The US-Mexico Border

The installation introduces a way for kids to play with each other regardless of national boundaries

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Cloud Rains Tequila To Promote Tourism

A creative agency created the installation to encourage Germans to vacation in Mexico