Brand Activation & Immersion Go Inside The Montreal Dry Cleaners That Takes Inspiration From A Parisian Apartment

Les Nettoyeurs White's is a neighborhood dry cleaning shop that boasts high-design touches, courtesy of Ivy Studio

Beauty Accessible Skincare Brand Merges Beauty And Medical With Telemedicine Launch

Skin Laundry is expanding its locations, services and in-house line of products, bridging the gap between beauty and medicine with personalized virtual assistance for prescription items and procedures

Loyalty & Membership Tide Launches 'Uber Of Dry Cleaning' Mobile Laundering Service

Procter & Gamble's Tide brand is moving beyond its leading laundry detergent products into direct-to-consumer services with the launch of its on-demand dry cleaning app and franchise

Automotive Dry Cleaning Start-Up Targets On-The-Go Consumers With Drop-Offs Located In Transportation Hubs

VClean, a new London start-up, has set up "dry cleaning vending machines" at convenient spots for commuters to quickly drop off and pick up their garments as they go to and from work

Fashion & Apparel Sock Brand Offers To Replace Customers' Socks Lost In The Wash

Bombas is calling the program its Laundry Back Guarantee, and aims to drive customer value by insuring against the common pain point of losing a sock

Advertising LG Brings Free Drop-Off Laundry Service To Bonnaroo Music Fest

LG provides music festival campgrounds with 25 washers and dryers, plus a vintage clothing swap

Cafe & Restaurant 5 Experiential Retail Destinations In NYC

Five stores from PSFK's NYC Retail Guide deliver inspired, next-level customer experiences

Retail This Eco-Friendly Laundromat Doubles As A Health-Conscious Lounge

The new face of laundry includes kombucha, lounge areas and energy-efficient washers, allowing guests to relax and enjoy while their clothes are washed consciously

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Why Fashion Is Reviving The Launderette

Fashion-focused laundry services are offering an eco-friendly approach to washing clothes

Home Amazon Is Bringing Dash Buttons To Every Screen In Your Home

New software from Amazon allows home appliances with screens, such as smart fridges and washing machines, to incorporate a virtual Dash button

Shopper Marketing & Promotion American Eagle Store Will Let Students Do Their Laundry For Free

The Union Square American Eagle in NYC is being redesigned, and with it comes a space for students looking to study while doing a load of laundry

Design Scanner Can Tell What's In The Stain On Your Shirt

The device from Bosch is made to detect the source of stains and recommend the appropriate washing method to treat them

Technology Wal-Mart Sensors Will Alert You When You’re Running Low On Goods

Wal-Mart is filing a patent for automatic ordering that will directly rival Amazon Dash

Interview The Future Of Home Service, Human After All

The Internet of Things is changing our homes, but Alfred is finding consumers still prefer a human touch