Syndicated Why Lawyers Taking On Silicon Valley Sexism Say 'It's Far Worse Than People Know'

From Google to Uber, Silicon Valley’s tech giants have a woman problem. Meet Lawless & Lawless, the sisters fighting back

Advertising J.C. Penney Trials Fast Fashion Boutiques In-Store [Video]

Department store to introduce pop-up shops to boost flagging sales.

Technology Apple Pays $60M Settlement Over iPad Dispute In China [Headlines]

Conclusion of dispute with Proview means that leading tablet maker can legally begin selling under iPad trademark in its second-biggest market.

Design Cadbury Wins Rights To Purple Over Nestlé [Headlines]

The lawsuit put and end to the three year trademark battle between the two confectioner companies.

Three Day System-Wide Failure For Blackberry Users Results In Lawsuit [Headlines]

Consumers across five continents are suing Research in Motion after several days without email, text messaging, and internet browsing.

Court Denies Getty Images’ Request to Dismiss Copyright Case [Headlines]

The company that makes tree-shaped car fresheners is suing Getty for using their product in pictures.

Reebok To Pay Settlement Over Health Claims [Headlines]

The brand's claim that wearing their EasyTone line strengthens legs better than with regular sneakers is being challenged.

Authors Sue To Remove Books From Digital Archive [Headlines]

Three major authors’ groups filed a lawsuit against HathiTrust, arguing that digitizing millions of books violated copyrights.

Patent Lawsuits Are The Biggest Job Killers [Headlines]

The expenses of lengthy lawsuits to protect patents is one of the biggest reasons why companies aren't making any new hires.

Design Street Artists Get Revenge On Famous Photographer

An anonymous group "spoke out" for shareability by pasting posters up on the photographer's mansion, in support of the techie he sued.

Did Samsung Rip Off The iPhone And iPad? [Headlines]

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung, alleging that the Galaxy Touch line of phones and tablets copies iPhone and iPad technology.