LCD Screen

Design Touchscreen Hat Lets Wearer Show Off Their Favorite Videos

Offering a new take on wearable technology, the Cyclops Snapback Hat features an LCD screen that can display images or animations.

Technology TV Looks Like A Sheet Of Glass Leaning Against The Wall

Philips's new 'DesignLine' provides high-end picture quality features and boasts a frameless front that hides the screen in off-mode.

Technology Point-And-Shoot Digicam Creates 3D Models

The Lynx A is a tablet-shaped device that can be used for scene modeling, object modeling, and motion capture.

Design Inside The Newly Revamped Corvette Stingray

Chevrolet's new vehicle has a series of updated technologically advanced features.

Technology Paper Grocery Price Labels Replaced With LCD Displays

Instead of having to print out new signs when food items go on sale or change price, ZBD Solutions offers low-power screens.

Technology Barbie Doll Camera Displays Your Pictures On Her Chest

Iconic doll given a tech makeover and can now take and display pictures.

Innovation Smart Sunglasses Digitally Block Sun's Glare

An inventor teams up with the University at Buffalo to develop high-tech sunglasses with LCD screens and a micro-camera.

Advertising App Enabled Samsung Refridgerator With Wi-Fi

A new fridge brings smarthome technology to the fore with its interface that allows you to access recipes right from its door.

Design Samsung's See-Through, Light-Powered TV

A promising innovation that can redefine the future of LCD touchscreens.

Gaming & Play Sega's New Gaming Device Checks Your Toilet Skills

Sega introduces an unusual gaming device to keep you entertained in the washroom.

Retail No Touching: LCD Screen Uses Hand Gesture Control

A next generation technology doesn't require multi-touch to control applications on screen.