Fashion & Apparel Vegan Leather Is Grown From Mushrooms

Biomaterials startup Bolt Threads has created a beautiful alternative to animal hide

Design Sustainable Leather From Nike Recycles Materials And Cuts Water Use By 90%

Nike Flyleather promises to reduce the carbon footprint and produce less waste than traditional leather manufacturing

Entertainment These Vegan Sneakers Are Made From Pineapple Leaf Leather

Fiber from pineapple leaves create a leather-like textile for these cool, Star-Wars inspired hightops

Advertising Adidas Has Created A Pair Of Beer-Repellent Shoes

In case you're attending Oktoberfest, Adidas launched a new pair of sneakers that are meant to withstand even the hardest day of partying

Consumer Goods This Leather Turntable Brings Style and Finesse To Vinyl

Ermenegildo Zegna created a line of male products all wrapped around brown leather

Design The World's First Translucent Leather Debuts In New Fashion Collection

Translucent leather made from cow hide makes up the new ECCO collection by Sruli Recht

Food & Beverage Futuristic Leather Substitute Is Grown Using Mushrooms

Researchers are looking into the possibilities of using the fungus mycelium as a leather replacement or a building material

Fashion & Apparel Samsung Offshoot Makes Smart Belt That Monitors Your Overeating

This waistline wearable knows when you've been seated for too long and can stop you from eating an extra large meal

Technology Real Leather Grown In A Lab Could Soon Be In Your Closet

A startup has devised a way to create leather by ordering cells to produce collagen

Design Small Leather Pouch Supports Any Travelers' Need For Wi-Fi

Karma created a limited edition pouch that helps users stay connected when they travel

Modern Hemingways May Want This Flask for Writers

The Writer's Flask pairs up two very important things for aspiring authors: writing tools and liquid inspiration

Design Factory Floor Scraps Transformed Into High-End Leather Goods

TRMTAB is a line of tech device sleeves created from upcycled leather that helps reduce pollution.

Design DIY Leather Kit Lets People Build Shoes From Scratch

Hungarian inspired design helps anyone make their own shoes with minimal materials and effort.

Advertising Does A High Fashion Revenge Kit Glamorize Violence? [Pics]

Does this couture weapons kits draw attention to crime, or encourage it?