Merchandising & Curation Vape-Like Device Provides Users A Quick Boost Of "Inhalable Nutrients"

The startup Nutriair is selling a range of devices that offer nutrients for 11 different purposes ranging from improved energy to better sleep, tapping into the health and wellness craze for optimal and efficient nutrition

Advertising Tea Brand Customizes Packaging For Every Market And Occasion

"I wish you" teas come in packaging with personal messages, tailored for each international market, in a bid to become a go-to gift for customers around the world

Food & Beverage Virgin Atlantic To Offer High Tea On Daytime Flights

The new menu will give passengers a slice of British culture while en route to their destination, in keeping with the airline's distinctive brand

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Unilever's Tea Bags Now Use Biodegradable, Plant-Based Components

The brand replaces its previous plastic design with more environmentally-friendly materials.

Design Could This Redesigned Soy Sauce Container Take Over Kikkoman’s Iconic Bottle?

Japanese design agency Nendo has created a soy sauce container that might just be the symbol of powdered condiments in the future

Home Automatically Brew Tea And Get The Best Results Every Time

Gourmia's tea machine brews a perfect cup from loose-leaf tea and doesn't need monitoring

Design Alarm Clock Brews A Cup Of Tea To Wake You Up

A remake of a vintage design, this alarm clock and tea-maker will help you begin the morning with a ready-made cup of tea

Food & Beverage Clever Cookie Packaging Folds Out Into A Serving Tray

Swedish design students created the concept as an ideal container for serving at parties

Fashion & Apparel Line Of Teabags Made To Look Like Actual Handbags

Hälssen & Lyon's new collection features special teabags designed to look like fashionable purses

Home Fallen Leaves Repurposed Into A Functional Chair

Designer Šimon Kern has made biodegradable seats out of leaves and resin

Health Anti-Smoking Billboard Reacts When Smokers Walk By

The advertisement has the ability to 'cough' whenever it smells cigarette smoke

Food & Beverage App-Controlled Kettle Guides Brewers To Perfect Cup Of Coffee

The Stagg EKG aims to provide precise guidance on how to craft the perfect pour-over coffee

Design Fashion Illustrations Use Withered Leaves As Elegant Gowns [Pics]

Eco-friendly clothing that emphasizes naturally occuring patterns, lines and colors

Design Typography Made From Carving Leaves By Hand [Pics]

Mei Linn Chan creates ‘Leaf Type’ by cutting letters and numbers out of leaves and trimming the inside spaces.