Advertising Learn Arabic And Help Save A Refugee Through A Single Socially-Minded Platform

NaTakallam is a connects people over Skype or WhatsApp with Syrian refugees to exchange support and knowledge

Design Bernard Khoury Challenges Geography And Wins

Lebanese architect creates innovative structures on topographically challenging real estate.

Luxury The Role Of Green Projects In Displaced Communities

Field researcher discovers the benefits of eco-projects in turbulent, poverty-stricken zones.

Home Giving Birth To The Middle East’s Blogosphere

Dubai-based radio show hosts a blogathon to talk about existing approaches and aspirations of new and old school bloggers. PSFK analyzes the 2-hour segment to find key trends in the region's emerging blogosphere.

Innovation Monocolumn: Lebanon’s New PM: An Agreeable Solution

Despite the predictions of most political analysts, the appointment of a new Lebanese prime minister took very little time. Following the fall of Saad Hariri’s coalition government two weeks ago, a new prime minister was appointed yesterday.

Gaming & Play Monocolumn: What The Collapse Of Lebanon’s Unity Government Means

As Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and President Barack Obama were smiling in front of the cameras at the White House, back in Beirut the fragile Lebanese unity government collapsed yesterday with the dramatic resignation of all the opposition ministers.

Work Strategic Planning In Beirut

Colorblind is a consultancy based in Lebanon; PSFK caught up with their founder, Frida Chehlaoui, to discuss the shop's experience.

Advertising Smirnoff's Nightlife Exchange Project

Fans of the vodka can contribute thoughts on what makes their country's nightlife special, helping to create a global celebration of local culture.

Design Monocolumn: The Hezbollah Museum

While many Lebanese hit the beach on weekends, some head to museums. Opened to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon is Hezbollah’s latest museum. It is an impressive but surreal affair, unmatched in size and breadth by any other political party’s propaganda apparatus.

Advertising Monocolumn: Spies And Videotape

There has been no lack of excitement in Lebanon this summer. If someone was to set a spy movie in this small Mediterranean country, they would have a hard time beating the real thing.

Work Bringing The Arabic Language Into Contemporary Life

A governmental campaign cites the need to protect the language, but neglects to address how this mother tongue can forge its way into a world where new terminology is constantly created.

Home A Design Tour of Lebanon

Sophie Maxwell of the design and brand image shop Pearlfisher has introduced Creativity to some of the most inspiring designers emerging from Beirut, Lebanon.